Geox Men’s Snake 96 Fashion Sneaker




Price: $81.19
(as of Aug 27,2022 01:03:46 UTC – Details)

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Three styles of Geox shoes on a tan background

Three styles of Geox shoes on a tan background

Geox Respira Logo

Geox Respira Logo

Geox combines urban-inspired design with innovative technologies to create unique footwear. Versatile and functional, Geox collections include casual and elegant shoes, sneakers, and boots for men and women, as well as a vast assortment of shoes for children, offering breathable comfort and wellbeing.

Rubber Outsole

Shoes with a rubber outsole can present breathability issues: Geox perforated the rubber outsole and inserted a special waterproof and breathable membrane inside it, allowing the feet to breathe while preventing water from entering the shoe.

Waterproof Leather

Geox research has found an innovative way to make a naturally breathable material like leather waterproof. We use a special breathable waterproof membrane inside the leather outsole so the foot stays dry all day long.